Sewer Line Repair in Charleston, West Virginia

Kanawha Valley Maintenance in Charleston, West Virginia, is also an expert provider of other services such as sewer line repair, water line replacement, and HVAC tune-ups.

Repair & Replacement Services

If you have a leak in your water or sewer system, our experts will find, repair, or replace the whole affected line. We also perform this valuable service for homes and businesses that are under new construction. Not only that, but we also repair water heaters and HVAC systems!

HVAC & Furnace Tune-ups

We recommend you get a professional tune-up twice a year. These are best carried out in the spring and fall, but we can do it anytime of the year. In this manner, you can avoid costly or dangerous problems such as cracked heat exchangers or carbon monoxide leaks.

Preparing for the Job - Sewer Line Repair in Charleston, WV

Our maintenance services will increase your unit's efficiency, lengthen its lifespan, and save you lots of money over the life of your system.

Contact our staff today to learn more details about our exceptional repair and maintenance services.